The World Health Organization estimates that homeopathy is used by 500 million people worldwide, making it the second most widely used system of medicine in the world.

It is a non-toxic form of therapeutics that stimulates you own body’s healing abilities to treat a wide variety of ailments e.g. hay fever, eczema, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, nightmares, women’s health including pregnancy, children’s health; and many more including acute and chronic problems.

Symptoms are the language of disease – the body’s attempt to balance itself. Homeopathy does not look to suppress or remove these symptoms, but to identify and remove the underlying cause of these symptoms. This is why a homeopath will work towards understanding the whole person including body, mind and emotional state. The goal of homeopathy is to encourage the body to return to a natural state of balance and health. It is safe, gentle and has no harmful side effects, being suitable for all ages.

The History

It is a centuries old practice that involves the use of natural ingredients most sources being mineral or botanical substances. In one form or another civilization has been practicing homeopathy, and it is now making its way into modern society in a big way.

Homeopathy as we know it today was developed by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. In the late 1700s he developed the “law of similars” which means a substance that causes a reaction in a healthy person should be able to relieve those same symptoms in someone who is ill.(Like cures like).

What is the treatment like?

During your fist visit you will be asked detailed questions about your lifestyle, emotional and physical health, levels of stress and your reactions to aspects of the environment. This level of information is needed in order to build up a comprehensive profile of you/your child for the correct remedy prescription.

The remedy will either be in a small easily dissolvable tasteless pill form or a liquid. Details will be given on administration at time of consultation.

The frequency and amount of visits depend on the individual, acute symptoms e.g. a cold, fever etc are more likely to need only the one visit, whereas with a chronic condition where the person has been feeling unwell for months or even years, follow-up consultations maybe necessary. It is also possible to do follow-up phone consultations for those who are time poor.

What can I expect?

Patients often feel a sense of well-being and optimism after taking a remedy. It occasionally happens that your symptoms may appear worse for a short time. This is a positive sign and shows that the remedy is taking effect, soon after which you will begin to feel that recovery is indeed taking place.

Price list

First session approx1¼ hr $70
Sessions therafter approx ¾ hr $40

Children (Under 16)
First session approx ¾ hr $35
Sessions therafter ½ Hr $25

Gift vouchers can be purchased for a specific treatment or dollar value.

Please note that if the 24 hour cancellation notice is not given there is a 50% charge.


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