Ultimate Stone Massage

Stone massage therapy has been used in different cultures for many years. Healers used rocks from river beds and warmed them on hot coals or in hot water, then placed them along energy centres of the body to help relax muscles and reduce pain or discomfort boosting the healing process.

During the 1½ hour ultimate stone treatment (including consultation time) hot and cold stones are used to help relax and re-balance the body and mind. Physically the circulation is increased, the nervous system balanced, muscular pain and tension relieved, and lymph flow is stimulated assisting detoxification.

The stones are used as an extension of the therapists own hands, or placing then on the body while other areas are massaged. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work on a deeper level. The stones themselves are basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well, and have been smoothed by natural forces in the river or sea.

The cold stones are Italian marble, and supply a powerful contrast, they are used to rebalance and heal and excellent for swelling or inflammation.

Duration: 1½ hours
Cost: $90

Gift vouchers can be purchased for a specific treatment or dollar value.

The hot stones can also be incorporated within any of the massages with an extra $10 charge.  Please state this when booking your appointment.